What are the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

What are the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

While motorcycle accidents are no more common than other types of vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in life-changing injuries and death. California is known for its sunny, mild weather, making it a popular place for motorcyclists to ride. While there are many benefits to riding a motorcycle, their small size makes them more susceptible to serious accidents. There are endless factors that can lead to motorcycle accidents, with the most common causes being:

Left-Hand Turns: One of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists is when cars are making left-hand turns. Nearly half of all collisions involving motorcycles and cars stem from a car hitting a motorcyclist while turning left or changing lanes.

Head-On Collisions: Most motorcycle accidents occur when a car strikes a motorcycle from the front, with rear end-collisions being rare.  When motorcycles are involved in a head-on collision with a car the results are often fatal.

Drunk/Distracted Driving: When people operate cars under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or drive while distracted by cell phones or passengers, their response times and vision are often compromised. This is a deadly combination and when a car collides with a motorcycle under these circumstances, severe injuries and death are imminent.

Lane Splitting: Lane splitting is when motorcycles drive between two lanes of stopped cars or traffic that is moving slowly, typically in traffic jams. While illegal in most states, lane splitting is not expressly illegal in California, and as a result, cars often hit motorcycles as they are not anticipating another vehicle passing them in these conditions.

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