Were You Hit by a Negligent Driver on Halloween?

Were You Hit by a Negligent Driver on Halloween?

Halloween is always an exciting holiday for children and adults alike, and most families experience a sugar crash afterward. However, some people have much more serious problems after Halloween, as they are facing serious injuries from traffic accidents. If you are in this position, speak with a California car accident attorney from the Law Offices of Brian Brandt right away.

Halloween Crashes Due to Intoxicated Driving

Children are not the only ones who like to have fun on Halloween, and many adults enjoy some adult beverages at parties or other gatherings. If they drive home, they significantly increase the risk of injuries to others. Unfortunately, quite a few drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated each Halloween, causing motor vehicle crashes and injuries to others who were just trying to enjoy the holiday.

Pedestrian Accidents

On Halloween, it was likely that you saw many families and children out trick-or-treating in costume. While this is always a fun tradition, it leads to the most pedestrian accidents of any night of the year, and 2021 was likely no different. If you or your child got hit by a car while walking, the driver should likely be liable for all of your losses. Many drivers on Halloween are not watching closely enough for pedestrians, or they might be intoxicated or distracted. After a driver ruins your holiday Рand impacts your future, they should be responsible for covering all of your family’s losses.

Connect with a Car Accident Lawyer Now

If you or a loved one was injured in a motor vehicle accident or pedestrian accident on Halloween, we know you are facing a difficult time. The right car accident lawyer can help you fully recover for your losses, so please reach out to the Law Offices of Brian Brandt to schedule a consultation to discuss your case today.


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