Identifying Brain Injuries in Children

Identifying Brain Injuries in Children

Traumatic brain injuries are serious conditions for people of any age, and these are complex injuries that are often difficult to identify. This is because the signs and symptoms of a brain injury can vary widely from person to person. It can be even more challenging to know when a child has a brain injury since children often cannot express what they are feeling in the same way that adults can.

Some signs that your child suffered a brain injury might include:

  • They were involved in an accident in which they hit their head or suffered a violent shaking, including vehicle accidents, bike accidents, or falls.
  • They lost consciousness for any period of time.
  • They are more irritable or inconsolable.
  • There are disruptions in normal eating or sleeping patterns.
  • They have clear fluid draining from their nose or ears.
  • They lose memory, concentration, or otherwise seem confused.
  • They have fatigue or nausea.
  • They seem sad or lose interest in fun activities.

If any of these are obvious, immediately take your child for emergency medical care. Even if you do not notice any signs right away, knowing they have suffered head trauma is usually enough to get a medical evaluation.

Brain injuries impact children differently than adults, as their brains are still developing. This means that a brain injury can disrupt normal brain development, potentially affecting their cognitive abilities for years to come. This can be a costly injury, and you need proper treatment for your child.

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