Distracted Driving is a Serious Public Safety Issue

Distracted Driving is a Serious Public Safety Issue

With the rise of smartphones, smartwatches, and other types of mobile devices, distracted driving has increased exponentially in the United States. It is seen as a serious public health and safety issue, as it results in thousands of injuries and fatalities each year across the U.S.

To make matters worse, distracted driving is almost always preventable. There will always be times when something catches your attention while driving, and you inadvertently lose focus for a few seconds. However, in modern times, we have millions of drivers at any given moment choosing to look at their phones instead of the road and putting others in danger.

California has strict distracted driving laws, which many drivers choose to ignore. The law prohibits:

  • Sending or reading any type of text-based message
  • Holding a mobile device in your hand while driving
  • Making a call or using a device unless it is properly mounted and it only requires one touch or swipe to accomplish

These might sound like straightforward restrictions, but many people simply ignore them. In addition, law enforcement officers do not always stop drivers who are using smartphones, so they continue to present a serious risk of accidents on the roads.

If a distracted driver hits you, their insurance should cover all of your injuries and losses. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Insurance companies require proof of distraction, which can be challenging to provide. You need a skilled Upland car accident attorney on your side for this type of claim.

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