The Risks of Young Drivers

The Risks of Young Drivers

Most people grow up looking forward to the moment they get their driver’s licenses and can have more freedom as a teenager. While many parents are happy they do not have to drive their child everywhere, they likely have concerns about their child’s safety. This is valid, as young drivers present many risks on the road.

Inexperience – It’s just a fact that young drivers will have less experience behind the wheel than older drivers. When you do not have as many hours driving, you have less instinct and knowledge about how to react to unexpected situations, which can lead young drivers to crash.

Impaired driving – Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is, of course, dangerous no matter how old you are. However, young drivers might be more inclined to be reckless and engage in impaired driving. California has a zero-tolerance law regarding underage drivers, though sometimes, accidents happen before a young drunk driver can be stopped.

Distractions – There are restrictions in place for young drivers aimed at trying to prevent distractions, though teenagers will always find a way to focus on something other than the road. Having friends in the car, texting, listening to loud music, and similar distractions can lead young drivers to crash.

If a teenage driver causes a crash, injured victims can file a claim against the young driver’s insurance company to seek compensation for medical bills and other losses.

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