The Risk of Truck Accidents in Your Own Neighborhood

The Risk of Truck Accidents in Your Own Neighborhood

When you think of truck accidents, you likely think of highway travel, which is where we see most semi-trucks and large tractor-trailers. However, with the number of deliveries being ordered online in recent months, as well as the constant restocking needed at our essential stores, it is more likely that you will see increased truck traffic right in your residential neighborhood.

Whether it is a semi-truck or a box truck, it can be difficult for a driver to navigate these vehicles around our residential streets. There are more intersections, turns to make, places to find parking, and more. All of this can lead to more truck crashes – sometimes, right outside where you live.

Types of Truck Collisions

Truck crashes can happen in many ways, and they can involve many different parties. For example:

  • Trucks can crash into other cars on the road
  • Trucks can hit parked cars along the street
  • Trucks can collide with pedestrians crossing the street or walking alongside the road
  • Trucks can hit cyclists riding on the street or in bike lanes

Whether a delivery truck crashes into a vehicle, a person, or anything else, it is important to determine who should be liable for the damage and injuries that result.

In many cases, liability falls on the truck driver, who might make one of many errors while on the road. The driver’s employer might also be strictly liable for the driver’s negligence, or the company might be negligent itself. Third parties might also be to blame, and liability determinations can be complicated.

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