The Possible Impact of COVID-19 on Injury Claims

The Possible Impact of COVID-19 on Injury Claims

With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, nearly every industry had been impacted, including the legal industry. However, this does not mean that all legal claims have come to a halt. While courts have largely closed and rescheduled all non-emergency cases, the good news is that most personal injury claims do not rely solely on court schedules to get resolved.

Many law firms prepared for such disruptions and have the ability to continue serving clients and pushing cases forward from quarantine in their homes. In addition, most insurance companies have kept remote operations going, so claims are not forgotten. Your lawyer can still work with the right insurer to seek compensation for your injury-related losses.

If your case has moved past the insurance stage, both mediation and arbitration might be conducted via video conferencing, so we can continue seeking a resolution for your case. If litigation has already been initiated, we can continue with settlement negotiations via teleconferencing. Discovery can continue through paperless technology and video depositions. The right technology is available for dedicated lawyers to keep advocating for their patients.

What if You are Injured?

Accidents and injuries are not put on hold just because the world is focused on COVID-19. People in their homes can sustain injuries from defective products, you can still get into a traffic accident on your weekly grocery run, and more. It is important to call your doctor about any possible injuries and ask the best way to receive immediate treatment. Getting a diagnosis is still essential to later seeking financial recovery for your injuries.

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