The Costs of a Crush Injury

The Costs of a Crush Injury

Crush injuries occur when a part of the body is squeezed forcefully between two objects. These injuries are common on construction sites and other industrial worksites, though they can also happen in motorcycle crashes, truck collisions, pedestrian accidents, and other traffic accidents.

A crush injury can be devastating and likely costly in many ways, depending on the nature of your crush injury. These injuries can result in severe lacerations, crushed bones, nerve injuries, compartment syndrome, and more. In some cases,

You might face treatment expenses for:

  • Emergency treatment at the scene of the accident, as only specialized personnel should ever deal with a potential crush injury victim and removal of the crushing force
  • Emergency transportation in an ambulance, as this is necessary for most crush injuries
  • Trauma care at the emergency room, which can include pain management, fluid replacement, wound cleaning, and much more
  • Emergency surgery to close wounds or a fasciotomy for compartment syndrome
  • Hospitalization for recovery
  • Possible amputation if the limb cannot be saved
  • Ongoing rehabilitative therapy and follow-ups
  • Prosthetics and other medical equipment if amputation was necessary

You can imagine the costs of the above treatment plan, which can continue for months or years following the injury. In addition to medical bills, you could incur other losses:

  • Crush injuries can keep you out of work for some time, causing you to lose income
  • You might experience significant pain and suffering due to your injury
  • You might live with permanent disfigurement and impairment

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