How a Shopping Trip Can Lead to Serious Injuries

How a Shopping Trip Can Lead to Serious Injuries

When you head out to the grocery store or to buy gifts for the holidays, the last thing you should expect is to end up in the emergency room. However, accidents and injuries are more common than you might think in retail stores – especially larger establishments like grocery stores or big box stores. If you suffer injuries and believe a store was to blame, contact a personal injury lawyer in California right away.

Parking Lot Accidents

Some people might sustain injuries before they even make it into the store. This is because parking lots can be dangerous places. Even though the cars are moving at slow speeds, drivers are often distracted while looking for parking spots or getting impatient with crowded lots. Drivers can crash into other vehicles or pedestrians, causing injuries.

Slip and Falls

There are many conditions and hazards that might exist in stores that cause a customer to slip and fall. Management and staff should regularly inspect stores to identify and address any risks that might lead to accidents. If you slip and fall, you might experience surprisingly serious injuries, and the store should be liable for all of your medical bills and other losses.

Inadequate Security

Some people are the victims of assault while they are shopping. Another patron might become violent on high-traffic days like Black Friday, or someone might try to assault or rob you in a parking garage as you exit a shopping mall. Establishments should have adequate security measures to prevent assaults and should be held responsible when they fail to do so.

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