Should You Call a Lawyer for an Auto Accident Insurance Claim?

Should You Call a Lawyer for an Auto Accident Insurance Claim?

After another driver crashes into your car, you may think it’s as easy as stopping, getting their information, and calling their insurance company for payment. In reality, the process of receiving compensation can be much more difficult, and it can often be frustrating and stressful. When you’re dealing with serious injuries, medical treatment, and car repairs, the last thing you want is additional stress from an insurance company. Often times an auto accident attorney can make all the difference.

Some people might not consider calling an attorney for help with an insurance claim, while others may not think it’s necessary. The truth is that represented claimants often receive more favorable outcome faster than people who try to handle their own claims. Consider the following:

  • Insurance companies want to make profits, which involves limiting payments on claims whenever they can
  • Adjusters are trained in tactics to limit payments, and they may even get incentives for minimizing claims
  • There are many ways an insurer will try to challenge liability for the crash, as well as the severity of your injuries
  • Some adjusters will request numerous documents and find other ways to delay claims
  • Adjusters will promise they are on your side when, in fact, they are on their employer’s side
  • Settlement offers from an insurance company are almost always much lower than you deserve

If you accept a settlement that is too low, you won’t have the opportunity to request more compensation in the future. This could leave you facing bills you have to pay out-of-pocket. An experienced auto accident lawyer will work to ensure you receive the full settlement you deserve with minimal delay.

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