San Bernardino Truck Accidents
San Bernardino Truck Accidents

San Bernardino Truck Accidents

Attorney Brian Brandt delivers real results for clients, including a record $150 million verdict

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When you or someone you love is injured in a San Bernardino truck accident, it’s vital to determine what happened and who’s responsible immediately. But in the chaos after an accident, it’s hard to know where to turn. Luckily, The Law Offices of Brian Brandt have years of experience protecting the people of San Bernardino in court. Our history of results in the court room prove it. Having a San Bernardino truck accident lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

There are several factors that make accidents involving large trucks different from accidents involving smaller vehicles. The sheer size of a tractor-trailer or delivery truck amplifies the destructive potential of a collision. The injuries and deaths caused by trucking accidents may mean major surgeries, long-term hospital stays, or death. Large trucking companies and their insurers will do everything they can to avoid paying for the damages they cause. At The Law Offices of Brian Brandt, we’ve seen the dire consequences of these accidents too many times. If you’ve been in a truck accident in the San Bernardino area, you need Brian Brandt by your side right away. He can investigate the accident, communicate with the trucking company, and negotiate with the insurance providers. Attorney Brian Brandt knows how to get results from large trucking and insurance companies, and isn’t afraid to fight for your rights in court.

Don’t let big trucking companies injure you or someone you love and avoid liability. If you’re in the San Bernardino area and were involved in a truck accident, contact Brian Brandt now and get an experienced attorney to help with your case.

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