San Bernardino Motorcycle Accidents
San Bernardino Motorcycle Accidents

San Bernardino Motorcycle Accidents

Attorney Brian Brandt delivers real results for clients, including a record $150 million verdict

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The roadways of San Bernardino attract motorcyclists from all over the world. They come to experience the beautiful weather and scenic vistas of Southern California. Nevertheless, the roads are still littered with the sort of hazards motorcyclists must be aware of. At The Law Offices of Brian Brandt, we’ve seen the serious consequences of a San Bernardino motorcycle accident too many times. Unfortunately, many people unfairly blame motorcyclists for accidents, even when they’re the victim. That’s why Attorney Brian Brandt fights for the rights of San Bernardino motorcycle accident victims.

It’s vital for motorcyclists to remain alert on the road. But no matter how careful you are, anybody could fall victim to dangerous road conditions or another driver’s inattention. But despite the fact that motorcyclists are usually the victim, rather than the cause, of an accident, many people are prejudiced towards motorcyclists as “daredevils” who are to blame. Insurance companies especially are notorious for assuming the worst about motorcyclists. That’s why, if you’re in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney with a proven record of protecting motorcyclists and fighting for their rights. Don’t take the blame for an accident which wasn’t your fault. Contact The Law Offices of Brian Brandt and get the legal representation you need.

The exposed nature of a motorcycle means that the rider is at a greater risk of serious injury in an accident than a driver in a car. Because they are smaller than most cars, distracted drivers often don’t notice their presence. No matter what caused your accident, Brian Brandt, a San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney, can help you get compensation for medical experiences, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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