What Causes a Car to Roll Over?

What Causes a Car to Roll Over?

Rollover accidents are among the most deadly types of car crashes possible. When the car rolls over onto its side or hood, the chances are that the driver will suffer a serious and lasting injury. While some drivers may be at fault for their own rollover accident, there are other crash causes that could entitle the driver to financial compensation. In general, a car will roll over when someone has done something wrong. The key is to find out whom.

There have been many instances of vehicle rollovers caused by defects in the car itself. Many SUVs are prone to roll over from the way that the vehicles are designed. Additionally, defective tires could cause the driver to lose control over the vehicle. In this case, the manufacturer of the car or the part that caused the rollover accident can be sued in a product liability lawsuit. They can be made to pay if you can prove that the product was defective.

Other Drivers Could Cause Car Rollovers

In addition, your car may roll over because someone else cut you off or hit your car. You could swerve or be forced out of your lane because someone is driving recklessly or at a very high speed. When that happens, you can sue the other driver and recover compensation.

Finally, your vehicle may have been tripped by a stone or debris. If someone else was responsible for debris in the roadway, such as a trucking company that dropped cargo or a highway construction contractor that left equipment, you can hold them legally responsible.

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