Prevent Holiday Accidents in Your San Bernadino County Home During the Holidays

Prevent Holiday Accidents in Your San Bernadino County Home During the Holidays

Your home should be filled with holiday cheer, but the fun can come to an end quickly if someone is hurt or even killed. The holidays are a joyous time, yet a dangerous one, as there are risks of robberies and injuries due to crowd control issues in malls. The holidays also mean increased risks of auto accidents with so many travelers on the road. While you may want to hole up in your house, enjoy your family and be safe this holiday season, sadly you cannot be sure that there aren’t lurking dangers inside of your home’s walls.

You need to know how holiday accidents happen, so you can do everything possible to try to prevent a problem. There are some very real and potentially fatal risks in most homes around the holiday season so it pays to take a second to consider how vulnerable you and your loved ones are to harm. If you know the dangers, however, you can make smart choices to mitigate the risks and keep yourself and your family.

There are two big risks in most homes during the holiday season. These risks include:

  • The dangers of a fire due to defective products or problems with holiday decorations. During December, January, and February, 30 percent of all house fires occur and 38 percent of deaths in house fires occur. Many of these fires happen because of problems with products people bring into their home during the holiday season. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, there are around 1,170 fires started each year by Christmas decorations, not including Christmas trees. An average of eight fatalities and 54 injuries happen in these fires every single year. The fires also cause around $19.1 million in property damage, on average.
  • The dangers or injuries associated with new toys and gifts you bring into your home.  Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that 254,200 kids visited hospital emergency rooms in the United States over the course of 2015 as a result of injuries caused by toys. During the holiday season, kids get lots of new toys from parents, extended family members, and “Santa.”  Unfortunately, some of these toys could end up having defects or problems which parents are not aware of. Kids should be carefully supervised whenever they are playing with brand new toys in case there are unexpected dangers. Parents should also check carefully for product recalls before giving a child a new toy and should monitor the website of the Consumer Product Safety Commission so they can stay up-to-date if new problems develop unexpectedly in toys that were sold as holiday gifts.

Understanding the risks of accidents in your home is important during the holiday season. If an injury or death happens in your home due to a defective product, you should make certain you understand your rights for holding the product manufacturer accountable for damages.

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