Rear End Accidents
Rear End Accidents

Rear End Accidents

If you were rear-ended, you need to act now

Find out how attorney Brian Brandt can maximize your compensation.

Over a three-decade-long career, Brian Brandt has represented many clients who were in rear end car accidents. These are among the most common types of traffic accidents. They also are cases where the question of fault is usually clear – it’s almost always the driver who hits the other car from behind. But if you’re in a rear end accident, you might quickly find out that insurance companies can jerk people around, even when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Insurance companies act differently when Brian is handling a case. They know who he is. He won’t accept lowball offers. He’ll go to trial if necessary. He’s used to winning big verdicts.

That’s why you need The Law Offices of Brian Brandt in your corner. You may be frustrated and upset. Brian will take care of your claim. You can focus on getting better. But don’t wait. Get the legal help you need today. A delay might hurt your chances of getting fully compensated.

As your attorney, Brian can explain your rights and help you build a strong legal strategy that addresses your specific needs. You can also learn more about what to do after an accident on our website. We’re here to help you get your life back on track.

How did you rear end accident happen?

Rear end accidents can happen for any number of reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Distracted drivers – Inattentive drivers frequently cause rear-end accidents. Whether they’re texting while driving or adjusting the radio, distracted driving has become one of the most common causes of rear-end accidents in recent years.
  • Drunk drivers – Drivers under the influence of alcohol often crash into the back of other vehicles because their reaction time slows down due to the effects of alcohol. When such drunk driving accidents occur, we’re prepared to fight for your rights.
  • Speeding drivers – The faster you drive, the less time you have to avoid crashing into the car in front of you. Because of the high speed often involved in speeding accidents, these types of rear-end crashes can result in severe injuries.
  • Reckless drivers – Weaving between cars, changing lanes without warning and other forms of reckless driving often result in rear-end accidents.

What type injury did you sustain in your rear-end car accident?

  • Whiplash – A type of neck injury, whiplash injuries often are sustained by occupants of vehicles struck from behind by another car. In such accidents, the neck is violently thrust forward and back, resulting in the neck muscles, nerves and discs being stretched, strained or even torn in some instances. Insurance company adjusters might dismiss whiplash injuries as minor. We know the truth. If you were hurt, the pain and suffering you deal with can affect so many aspects of your life.
  • Broken bones – The bones in passengers’ and drivers’ hands, arms, legs and faces can be broken due to the impact of the accident. These injuries can affect a person’s ability to move normally for weeks or months. If you or a loved one is unable to work during your recovery, you deserve to be financially compensated. When you have the Law Offices of Brian Brandt on your side, we will fight for the money you rightfully deserve for medical bills, lost income and other expenses associated with your accident.
  • Head injuries – Concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often occur due to rear-end accidents. A typical head injury might be the result of the victim’s head striking the dashboard or another fixed object during an accident.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Like neck and head injuries, spinal cord injuries often are sustained in rear-end accidents because of the sudden violent force of a vehicle crashing into the back of another car. Many spinal cord injuries can be severe and result in permanent physical disabilities. We can help you deal with all the red tape associated with your spinal cord injury so you can focus on what really matters – your recovery.
  • Fatal injuries – The loss of life in a rear-end accident may be a precursor to a wrongful death lawsuit. Brian has extensive experience representing families whose loved ones died in accidents.

How to reach the Law Offices of Brian Brandt

Even if the other driver clearly caused your accident, don’t simply assume you will be fairly compensated. In many cases, insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying a fair settlement.

That’s not right. If you need help dealing with an insurance company, we want to work with you and make sure your case receives the attention it deserves. We know how to investigate accidents, thoroughly understand California’s traffic laws and will not rest until justice is served.

Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first. Contact The Law Offices of Brian Brandt. Call 800.983.4467 and schedule your free initial consultation.

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