Injury Claims after Small Plane Crashes

Injury Claims after Small Plane Crashes

People in California board small aircraft for many reasons, including recreation and practical transportation. Last month, people on Benson Avenue in Upland got quite the surprise when a plane crashed down in the neighborhood at about 9:45 a.m. The plane was carrying three passengers, all of whom were transported to nearby hospitals, and one who had life-threatening injuries, according to reports. Witnesses stated that the pilot took off from the nearby Cable Airport, lost power, and lost the landing gear before the plane crashed.

Recovering after a Plane Crash

Plane crashes are often deadly, and when people survive, they usually sustain severe injuries. Victims can incur overwhelming losses, including:

● Medical bills for past and future care
● Lost income and future lost earnings
● Pain and suffering
● Permanent disabilities

In order to recover for these losses, plane crash victims must determine who they can hold liable for the accident occurring. It is important to have the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Upland who has the resources to determine liability.

Potentially liable parties for plane crashes include:

● The pilot due to operational errors
● The air traffic control crew for incorrect instructions
● Maintenance crews for inadequate repairs or inspections of planes
● Manufacturers for making defective aircraft

Plane crash investigations can be complex and lengthy, and they may involve local, state, or even federal authorities. Once the cause of the crash is pinpointed, your attorney can seek compensation for your losses.

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