Injuries While Holiday Shopping

Injuries While Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is known for its hustle and bustle, particularly in retail establishments. Whether you shop early or wait until the last minute, you will most likely encounter crowds, long lines, and traffic. Unfortunately, these conditions can often lead to accidents and injuries that can completely disrupt your holiday season – and your life. The following are only some examples of how injuries may occur at this time of year.

Car accidents – The traffic gets even worse in Southern California during the holidays – on streets and in parking lots. To make matters worse, many people are in a hurry and can become impatient with the increased cars on the roads or lack of parking spaces. This can lead drivers to become aggressive and violate traffic laws, especially around malls or shopping centers.

Slip and falls – Stores are often chaotic during the holidays. A constant stream of customers can create a mess that employees fail to keep up with. Spills, items or trash on the floor, and other conditions cause many people to slip and fall while they are shopping. Slip and falls can cause surprisingly serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment.

Assaults – The unfortunate reality is that people can be assaulted while minding their own business and holiday shopping. After days like Black Friday, we regularly hear of customers fighting over items, and people can also be injured if someone is trying to steal something as they walk to their car, especially in parking garages.

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