How Failure to Yield Can Cause Collisions

How Failure to Yield Can Cause Collisions

There are many traffic rules that all drivers in California must follow. When a driver violates a traffic law, it can cause a chaotic situation that results in collisions and other types of auto accidents. One common traffic violation that leads to crashes is the failure to yield right-of-way.

When traffic lanes merge or vehicles are making turns at intersections, knowing who has the right-of-way is essential. When another driver has the right-of-way, you are expected to yield to them and allow them to take their turn before you take yours. The same is true for pedestrians who have the right-of-way in crosswalks and with walk signals.

When drivers fail to properly yield, the following might occur:

  • Broadside (or T-bone) collisions if a car makes a turn in front of oncoming traffic
  • Sideswipes if a driver merges into another traffic lane without yielding
  • Pedestrian accidents if a car fails to yield at a crosswalk

All of these accidents can result in serious injuries to anyone involved.

Holding Drivers Liable

After an accident, you should call 911, so the authorities report to the scene. This is especially important if you have injuries and if you believe the other driver violated the law. Medical professionals can check you out and transport you if needed, while police officers should determine whether traffic violations might have led to the crash.

If a police officer issues a citation for failure to yield, it can help an injury claim against that driver’s insurance company. Convictions of violations are evidence of negligence, and you generally do not have to provide additional proof of liability in this situation.

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