Harm from Medication Errors

Harm from Medication Errors

Doctors and hospitals administer many types of medication on a regular basis. These medications help to manage symptoms of illnesses, prevent complications, and keep patients alive and as healthy as possible. However, medical professionals often make mistakes regarding prescription medications – both in and out of hospital settings. When medication errors cause serious harm, you might have the right to hold the doctor or hospital accountable.

Some ways that medication errors can cause harm include the following:

  • You might have severe reactions to medication you are allergic to
  • Certain medications might interfere adversely with other prescriptions or supplements
  • You might receive too large a dose of medication that results in overdose symptoms
  • You might not receive the benefits of the medication you should have had (but did not receive), which can exacerbate the effects of your condition

Doctors should follow a careful protocol before they prescribe or give away medication to patients, including checking current medication regimes and known allergies. Hospital staff should always keep careful records of administered medication to ensure they are not missing doses, providing double doses, and more.

Patients who are the victims of medication errors can suffer serious health problems and injuries, including infections, allergic reactions, and overdoses. The costs of the additional medical care they need can be extensive, and injuries can result in extended hospitalization, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. Some effects of medication errors can be life-threatening.

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