Drunk Driving Crashes on New Year’s

Drunk Driving Crashes on New Year’s

California Highway Patrol steps up their DUI enforcement activities on New Year’s Eve because of the sheer number of people who drink and drive. Unfortunately, their best efforts cannot prevent all drunk driving crashes. Even though the arrest rate on New Year’s Eve is double that on other nights, many Californians are injured and killed each year on this day.

The problem is not only the number of people who drive drunk but the extent to which they drive under the influence. 71% of New Year’s DUI fatalities involved drivers with blood alcohol content over .015%. Simply stated, these drivers are highly intoxicated. This equates to seven or more drinks. Drivers who have a BAC this high may not even be able to count. At this point, drivers will lose their ability to control the vehicle and even their connection to reality.

Drunk Driving Crashes Cause Serious Injuries

People drink far more during the holiday season. They will be at parties or bars where alcohol is consumed, and not all of them will have a designated driver or get an Uber. If they have injured you or a loved one, there is a far greater statistical likelihood that those injuries will be severe.

Even when the driver is charged criminally, they can still be liable in a civil lawsuit. The driver could still be responsible for paying for the damages that they have caused even if they are not convicted of the charges. The criminal and civil processes are independent of each other.

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