Common Causes of Accidents on Road Trips

Common Causes of Accidents on Road Trips

Hitting the open road always sounds fun and exhilarating. However, long road trips have added dangers for drivers and their passengers. Here are three common causes of accidents on road trips.

Fatigued Driving

Road trips involve long stretches of travel. After enough time behind the wheel, your mind and body could tire. Fatigued driving could be almost every bit as dangerous as drunk driving. In fact, operating a car going 20 or more hours without sleep is the equivalent of driving legally drunk. Drivers must make sure to stop and take frequent rests and limit themselves in the amount of driving that they do each day. You do not need to be physically tired to be fatigued.

Distracted Driving

Road trips mean that you are driving for long stretches. Many drivers have the temptation to check email or send a text because they cannot wait several hours. In addition, motorists try to multitask, especially when they feel like they are on less congested roads. Taking an eye off the road for even a few seconds is extremely dangerous. When combined with one or more hands off the wheel, it is even more deadly.


When you go on a long trip, chances are that you will be traveling on a highway. You will need to share the road with trucks. Their drivers are also on long trips. The same two factors above that could cause you to have an accident also impact truck drivers. This means that they are a danger, even when you are alert and focused.

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