Car Accidents From Running Red Lights

Car Accidents From Running Red Lights

Most kids learn at a very young age that red means stop and green means go. Unfortunately, despite having full awareness of what is lawful and right, many adult drivers impatiently or inadvertently run red lights.

Maybe a driver is running late and tries to avoid waiting at an intersection, or another driver might be looking at their text messages and not realize the light turned red. No matter what the reason might be, running a red light often results in serious accidents and injuries to others.

If you see a light turn green and proceed into the intersection, a driver who runs a red light has a high chance of slamming into the side of your vehicle with the front of their car. This is referred to as a broadside or “T-bone” collision, and it puts drivers or passengers in the direct path of an impact. Further, not everyone is protected by side airbags in this situation.

Broadside crashes are often avoidable, as they happen due to negligence or unlawful conduct of a driver. You should always call 911 after this type of crash, as police officers can issue a citation or even arrest the offending driver. In addition, their conduct might be captured by red light or intersection cameras, which can be used as evidence in your car accident claim.

Let an Upland Car Accident Lawyer Help You

Drivers who run red lights and cause injuries should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. This not only means facing possible criminal penalties, but also facing civil liability for any injuries and losses they caused to you.

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