Medical Equipment Costs After Paralysis

Medical Equipment Costs After Paralysis

The costs of spinal cord injuries will reach well beyond $1 million. Depending on the severity of the injury, the lifetime cost could approach eight figures. One of the most significant parts of these costs is medical equipment. Medical equipment for people with paralysis is highly specialized and engineered.

Once SCI patients return home after their initial injury, they will need to refit their entire living quarters with durable medical equipment. Patients will need adaptive medical equipment for their homes, beginning with special beds and mattresses. Their bathrooms will also need to be retrofitted for showering and toileting.

The wheelchair and transfer devices will be among the most expensive medical equipment. In addition, those with severe SCIs will need respiratory equipment. Even though these are considered to be durable medical equipment, they will need to be replaced from time to time. In addition, patients will also need orthotics for their upper and lower extremities, depending on their level of injury.

Medical Equipment Is a Large Part of Your Post-Accident Costs

Medical equipment is a part of post-accident costs that the responsible party would need to pay in a settlement or jury award. A plaintiff would need an idea of the necessary equipment and its cost at the time that they settle their case. Otherwise, they may find themselves without money and needing to buy expensive equipment. The need for this specialized equipment will last a lifetime. This is why you need to be careful about settling your case too quickly or for too little.

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