Possible Effects of Multiple Brain Injuries

Possible Effects of Multiple Brain Injuries

Thousands of Americans suffer brain injuries annually. Some are first-time patients, while others are repeat sufferers. While all brain injuries can have complications, there are some victims who experience particularly serious effects after sustaining multiple concussions. This has been discussed in recent years due to lawsuits filed by professional athletes in the NFL and NHL who report severe cognitive impairment and conditions due to previous concussions. The same brain injuries can happen from work accidents, car accidents, falls, and more.

1.   Post-concussion Syndrome

This syndrome manifests itself in numerous uncomfortable ways. For instance, a patient can suffer memory lapses and personality disorders. They may also exhibit depression, anger eruptions, and suicidal thoughts. These symptoms can persist far longer than they might after a regular concussion without post-concussion syndrome.

2.   Lingering Physical Problems

A brain injury patient often suffers different physical challenges. These long-term challenges include persistent headaches, lingering problems with physical skills, and the inability to maintain one’s balance.

3.   Prolonged Recovery Periods

Additionally, patients with multiple head injuries often experience prolonged recovery periods following subsequent injuries. They may even exhibit more serious symptoms when they suffer a concussion than first-time patients.

4.   Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Repeated brain injuries can expose a patient to CTE. This condition manifests dementia-like symptoms after a head injury. It damages the brain’s structure responsible for its executive functions and memory. This condition can cause suicidal and other rage-based behavior, and it is particularly complicated since it cannot yet be diagnosed until after death.

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