Common Causes of Spinal Injuries

Common Causes of Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are common when a person experiences a traumatic impact or blow to their body or back, and these severe injuries happen more than you might think in car accidents and falls. Reach out to a California catastrophic injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Brian Brandt if you or someone in your family is dealing with the aftermath of an accidental spinal injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you are moving along at sixty miles per hour and then suddenly come to a halt in a collision, your body can sustain serious trauma. A collision can cause damage to your spine, which can then damage your delicate spinal cord. If another driver caused your crash, they should be responsible for covering the extensive and lasting losses you incur.


Another common cause of spinal injury is a traumatic impact as a result of a fall. Whether falling off a ladder or experiencing a slip and fall on the ground when out shopping, the impact of your body after the fall can also cause spinal injury. The chances for spinal injuries increase with higher falls, but even falls on level ground can cause spine trauma and lasting effects.

You should always seek immediate medical help after any type of back trauma to identify spinal damage. Usually, emergency medical professionals will need to transport you in a manner that prevents any further damage. Some people need extended hospitalization for spinal injuries, so doctors can monitor the extent of the damage and prevent complications or worsening effects.

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To say that spinal injuries are costly is an understatement. A California catastrophic injury lawyer can help you determine what damages are available to compensate you for your spinal injury. Reach out to the Law Offices of Brian Brandt to schedule a consultation to discuss your case today.


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