Recovering from Surgery Can Take a Long Time

Recovering from Surgery Can Take a Long Time

Thousands of Americans undergo surgeries due to different injuries and medical conditions each year. These medical procedures might confine patients to their beds until they recover. However, some surgical procedures require more time to heal than others, and patients can incur many losses during this recovery period. They might lose income, experience muscle atrophy that requires additional treatment, and experience long-term pain and suffering.

Factors Dictating Recovery Periods

The length of time you need to recover after an operation depends on different factors:

A Patient’s General Health – Your overall health can help to determine the length of your recovery. You might take longer to recover if you have an underlying medical condition or other health risks.

A Patient’s Age – Your age also dictates your recovery length after undergoing surgery. A young, healthy patient often recovers faster than an older patient undergoing similar procedures.

Surgery Type – The type of surgery you undergo also determines your recovery duration. For instance, a major brain surgery needs more recovery time than a minor leg surgery. Highly invasive surgery can also take longer to heal than laparoscopic procedures.

How You Respond to Recovery – How you conduct yourself during the recovery period also determines its length. For instance, if a doctor orders you to move around and you fail to listen, you can experience complications. This can expose you to numerous health problems like weakened muscles, blood clots, and pressure ulcers.

Possible Damages You Can Recover from Prolonged Recovery Periods

So, what kind of damages can you recover following prolonged recovery periods? Here are possible losses a California catastrophic injury lawyer might help you recover:

  • Emotional pain
  • Physical suffering
  • Lost income

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