Even Slow-Moving Accidents Can Cause Injuries

Even Slow-Moving Accidents Can Cause Injuries

Some people think that slow-moving vehicles can’t cause severe accident injuries. However, these accidents can still hurt people – even when cars are moving slower than 10 MPH. These crashes may not damage vehicles much, but they can still injure drivers and passengers in several serious ways.

Common Injuries from Slow-moving Accidents

Slow-moving accidents cause many injuries requiring medical attention. Below are some of the leading injuries.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – A victim can suffer different forms of brain traumatic brain injuries, like fractured skulls and concussions, by hitting their heads in a slow-moving crash.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – Victims might twist or stretch in odd ways, leading to soft tissue sprains or strains.
  • Whiplash – Even a slow-speed crash can cause an occupant’s head to suddenly snap forward and backward. This can cause soft tissue and nerve damage referred to as whiplash.

Many of these injuries might not seem serious at first, but symptoms can worsen and persist as time passes. Many people with the above injuries need professional medical treatment, miss work, and experience other losses following a slow-moving crash.

Common Locations of Slow-Moving Accidents

Why do cars collide at slower speeds? This can happen for many reasons and in many locations, including:

  • At stoplights when cars are slowing down to a stop or speeding up from a stop
  • When cars are merging
  • When cars are making turns
  • In heavy traffic

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